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Upcoming Holiday Calendar

July 2020
Summer is in full swing and so is the heat! Cool off with some of these fun things that go on in July. It's National Ice Cream Month, National Blueberry Month, Anti-Boredom Month, Grilling Month, Park & Recreation Month, Picnic Month, and Watermelon Month! WOW! Now there's a list of things to do all month long!
Let's look at a few specific days in July too for even more.

July 1 - National Postal Worker Day
July 3 - Stay out of the Sun Day
July 4 - Independence Day
July 6 - International Kissing Day
July 7 - Chocolate Day
July 8 - National Blueberry Day
July 11 - Cheer Up the Lonely Day (This year who couldn't use that holiday?)
July 13 - Embrace your Geekiness Day
July 15 - National Hot Dog Day
July 19 - National Ice Cream Day
July 20 - Ice Cream Soda Day and Ugly Truck Day
July 22 - Hammock Day
July 23 - Vanilla Ice Cream Day
July 26 - Aunt and Uncle Day, and Parent's Day
July 27 - Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day
July 30 - Father-in-Law Day
July 31 - Eid-Ul-Adha and Mutt's Day

August 2020
Let's keep the summertime funtime going with Family Fun Month and Admit You're Happy Month! It's also Romance Awareness Month, so it's a good time to send someone a little bouquet of romance. In the food world, it's Peach Month and National Picnic Month. How about a romantic picnic topped off with some peachy goodness and a bouquet of summer's finest blooms? It's safe, sweet, and a good way to enjoy a little time with someone special.

August 1 - National Girlfriends Day and Campfire Day
August 2 - Friendship Day
August 4 - National Sister's Day, and US Coast Guard Day
August 7 - International Beer Day
August 5 - National Underwear Day
August 8 - Sneak some Zucchini onto your Neighbor's Porch Day (why not add a wrapped bouquet of flowers too?)
August 9 - National Book Lover's Day
August 10 - National Lazy Day and National S'Mores Day
August 12 - National Middle Child Day and Vinyl Record Day
August 13 - International Left Handers Day
August 15 - National Relaxation Day
August 19 - National Aviation Day
August 21 - National Senior Citizens Day
August 26 - Women's Equality Day and National Dog Day (Extra treats and belly rubs for ALL the good boys and good girls out there. They're all good by the way.)
August 29 - More Herb, Less Salt Day
August 31 - National Trail Mix Day

September 2020
As we ease into fall, there's a blend of events to make the transition smooth. It's Better Breakfast Month, Classical Music Month, Fall Hat Month, National Blueberry Popsicle Month, National Piano Month, National Sewing Month, and Self Improvement Month. The third week of the month is dedicated to the houseplant- it's National Indoor Plant Week. With that variety to choose from, September has the potential to be an interesting time!

September 4 - Newspaper Carrier Day
September 5 - Cheese Pizza Day
September 6 - Fight Procrastination Day and Read a Book Day
September 7 - Labor Day
September 10 - Sewing Machine Day
September 11 - 911 Remembrance Day
September 12 - National Video Games Day
September 13 - Grandparent's Day
September 13 - Positive Thinking Day and National Pet Memorial Day
September 15 - Make a Hat Day
September 16 - Working Parents Day and Step Family Day
September 18 - Rosh Hashanah
September 19 - Talk like a Pirate Day (Argh!)
September 20 - National Women's Friendship Day and Wife Appreciation Day
September 22 - Autumn Equinox - First day of Fall
September 25 - Native American Day
September 28 - National Good Neighbor Day